Safe Touch ® Trauma Treatment

Safe Touch ® is an integrative body work, which enables the client to get in touch with his/her feelings.

It enables the body to express those feelings in a way which was not possible during the trauma.

This is a body work based process, and it intends to strengthen the client and enable him/her to be aware of his/her body again, to create and maintain healthy boundaries, to build safe relationships based on trust, and enable deeper levels of communication.

Body work is not meant to be the exclusive approach to the healing process, but to intensify and support the psychotherapeutic process. It does not include counselling, advising or diagnosing. A combination of both psychotherapy and body work was found to result in quicker and more focused healing process.

The traumatized person will find her a safe approach of personal integration, which does not mean to belittle the trauma but to be able to observe it and witness it.

Safe Touch ® Trauma treatment is not hasty and enables a gradual and integrative release of tensions and emotions that are locked within the body.

Using focused awareness to sensation, breath, movement and posture,the body reconnects to emotions, intellect and spirit.


Who is a suitable candidate to Safe Touch ® Trauma Treatment?

Clients with a history of abuse or trauma of all kinds can benefit from this therapy.

This includes people who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused at some point in life.

In addition people who have been involved or witnessed wars, battles or terror acts, crimes, accidents, natural disasters, operations or other medical procedures.

Those who feel they have suffered from a traumatic event not mentioned here, may also benefit from this form of therapy.

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