Aromatherapy massage

Aroma is a greek word meaning "spice".

The word aromatherapy in the late 1930's in relation to the use of the extracted aromatic essences rather than the whole plant.

Most of us have heard of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tea tree essential oils, but over 100 different essential oils are used in the aroma-therapeutic pharmacy.

These essences are produced by the aromatic plants for similar purposes as our hormonal, nervous and immune systems. They posses incredible properties, which can benefit us humans as well; They can uplift our spirit and alleviate depression, increase or decrease the blood pressure, loosen tight muscles, treat inflammations and infections and much more.

Prior to the massage, I will let you smell a few essential oils. Your reaction will guide me in creating your personalized massage oil.

The combination of several essential oils creates a potent synergy, which promotes and intensifies the healing process.

Each drop of essential oils is produces from dozens of ounces of the original plant. This makes the aroma-therapeutic treatment extremely potent.

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