Special orders

I'm proud to present  this unique service, which enables you to order products not found in the product list. 

Tell me your needs and I will research and invent a product to answer your need.

Many of Besomet's products were born this way. A few examples are: The mosquito repellent, the aroma-therapeutic deodorant and the concentration booster.


What you will find in Besomet products

Besomet's concoctions are made of vegetable oils, aromatic essences, butters, waxes, vitamins and herbal preparations.

The products are all custom made and especially tailored to suit your medical and emotional needs and your personal preferences.

All products are 100% natural with no exception, while strictly observing quality and health.



All paper used (bags, business cards, receipts etc) comes from recycled paper.

The empty glass containers are collected and recycled.

In order to encourage recycling, you will get a 5% discount on your next purchase upon returning the empty glass container.


Things you won't find in Besomet's products

Any material which is not natural, including:

  • Unnatural preservatives. When the use of preservatives is required (in creams for instance), natural preservatives (like grapefruit seed extract) are used.
  • Unnatural surfactants and emulsifiers, such as SLS.
  • Animal derived substances, with the exception of bees wax.
  • Any substance which is natural, but is a proven health hazard or allergen.
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