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In August 2014 I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. I began a gruelling course of chemotherapy with it’s ensuing side effects. One of them being an extremely itchy rash which covered my lower extremities. I lived with it for a few days before meeting up with Liron for his diagnosis. Liron put together an extremely potent aromatic oil, which I applied at first 3 times a day achieving drastic affects. It turns out that the rash was caused by extreme dryness and not at all by some allergic reaction as I had thought – it completely cleared up within 5 days. I now maintain moisture throughout the ongoing chemo using his oil once a day. In addition to this Liron gave me a fully customised therapeutic massage every week. This relieved not only my light physical aches, but also penetrated my very psyche as he managed to evoke an emotional release from me every time. In my eyes, only possible via Liron’s natural healing energy and unique application of his many holistic disciplines, including accu-pressure, Reiki and reflexology. He has been a true saviour throughout this entire ordeal. Truly a unique and gifted healer, not only technically, but with impeccable interpersonal skills. Very highly recommended.

Rosi Willis

The aromatherapeutic anti ageing lotion that I am using daily for my face and body was tailored specifically for me by Liron at Besomet. It moistens and perks up my skin giving me a lovely fresh sensation. It is absorbed easily and I am able to continue my beauty routine knowing that I have a totally natural product on my skin with no allergens. I was able to choose my favourite scent and using a consultation process got exactly what I needed. I no longer suffer from dry skin and it compares favourably with some of the luxurious ranges that I have used which are on the market. I treasure my skin and only the best will do.

Juliet Mandelzweig

I have had the privilege of knowing Liron in a professional(and personal) capacity for many years. He is highly professional, but more than that he is an intuitive and sensitive therapist. I found myself having an extreme sleeping disorder, and even after being prescribed sleeping tablets, nothing helped. Liron made me an aromatherapeutic remedy which I have been using every night before going to bed. The improvement has been quick and dramatic. On the odd occasion that I have had a disturbed night, Liron was there to “tweak” the dosage to overcome it. He is caring, follows up with his patients, and I for one am EXTEMELY grateful to him when I wake up in the mornings after a good nights sleep. He is a gifted aromatherapist and I highly recommend seeing him for ANY problem – he will solve it. Thank you!

Dar Harel

I wanted to stop by and comment on Liron’s products.
I happened to meet Liron through a mutual friend about 7-8 months ago. Not only is he an amazing presence to be around, he is a master product purveyor! I was given a custom blend of natural herbs and senses for face cream. It is, by far, the smoothest face cream I have ever applied to my face. It not only has a wonderful aroma, it goes on silky soft and does not leave your skin oily or dry. It is just right! I am definitely going to purchase this product again. No hesitation there. So, if you are looking to start a new skin care line and you feel overwhelmed by the options – stop what you are doing. Go see Liron and he will dedicate the time to produce a very unique and custom-tailored product for you, which is organic and void of any pharmaceutical chemicals. Now, get off the Internet and go see him!!!

Yaniv Ran

Well, I’ve known Liron for years, and so happy I do. Liron is probably the most sensitive talented person I know. When it comes to massage, his hands are magical indeed. Every time me and my partner come to Israel we can’t wait to get a massage from Liron, and it’s always amazing.
Liron is an amazing person and it’s a privilege to be treated by him.


A little over a year ago, I moved to Israel and three months into my move I met Liron. For many years, due to the physical nature of my profession, I have needed to get regular massages in order to continue to work. Liron has picked up where my massage therapist in the US left off.. and then some. He is completely in tune to his clients needs and wishes. I do not think that in all my years of getting massage, I have had a massage therapist that has been as good as Liron. He has far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to our continued work together!


I spent two weeks visiting a good friend in Tel Aviv, touring Israel and beyond, from the United States. The last day of my vacation I was very sore from all the walking around seeing the sites. This friend of mine recommend Liron Solomon’s magical hands and I am so happy that he did. Liron took great care in asking about any special health needs I had, like some back issues I have when I was in a car accident a few years back and my diabetes. Even during the massage he continued to check back with me to make sure I was getting the best relaxing experience possible. I’m a bit overweight and he could tell I was using muscles I’m just not accustomed to using during this vacation. He really worked all the knots out. Thank you again Liron for your magical hands. I’m not sure what I would have done for the plane ride back to the U.S. I would fully recommend anyone to get a massage from this professional.

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